Pots2go "Panda - Pot Lid Locking Strap" is a unique product that secures the pot lid by embracing and locking it from coming loose.
When ever you need to transport or travel with your cooked food (Dinner / Party / Holiday / Picnic....) Use Pots2go panda to secure your pots lid in place and avoids food spills & leaks on yourself or in  your car.

Minimal & Smart Design

Colored knobs with non-slip polka dots

Colored ring holding the lid handle

Elastic strap embracing the lid to the pot

Available Colors

It does not matter what you're cooking, if you need to take food with you - take Panda - pot lid locking strap


Pots2go Panda is a universal suitable strap for a wide variety from small pots to large pots with diameter of 7.5 inch to 13 inch

User Manual

Hold the handles on both sides of the Panda Strap, stretch to the desired length. Insert the center of the Panda Strap onto the lid's knob. Insert the openings of both ends of the Panda Strap handles onto the pot handles as close as possible to the pot's outer circumference.


The strip center should encompass the lid's knob.

The openings of both ends of the strap handles are encompassing the pot's handles and are set as close as possible to the pot's circumference.


Suitable for a wide range of pots diameter of 19 cm / 7.5 inch to 33 cm / 13 inch


It is strictly prohibited to use the Panda Pot Lid Locking Strap to seal a pot's lid while the pot is being heated by any means, or it's in a cooking process.

It is strictly prohibited to use the Panda Pot Lid Locking Strap to seal a pot's lid while the pot is in the freezer.

Do not use the Panda Pot Lid Locking Strap other than for its intended use.

It's recommended to try the Panda Pot Lid Locking Strap on an empty pot before using.

Always use protective gloves to hold or transfer hot food dishes.

Always place the hot pot or dishes in a flat stable place, and secure the pot's in a way they will not be able to move.

Hot food must be kept away from children.

 If you need to transport with your cooked food, you can rely on Panda to keep your food arriving safely & avoids food spills & leaks on yourself or  your car.